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Progress on the CS recruits rocket

The Recruits Project is a sub-project within Copenhagen Suborbitals with the objective of giving students the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the main project of building the SPICA rocket. The project draws participation from students of diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique strengths and skills to the table. Students work together under the guidance of experienced CS team, gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of rocket design, construction, and testing. Through this project, the students not only learn the technical aspects of rocketry, but also develop teamwork and leadership skills, laying a solid foundation for their future careers.
The Project was born out of an invitation from the Portuguese space agency to participate in a student rocket competition and to inspire new young people to pursue careers in rocketry. We at Copenhagen Suborbitals found that to be a perfect way to both find new talented people to work on our main project and at the same time inspire a bunch of young people to pursue a career in the space industry.

The team members have various responsibilities, including machining and electronics design, CAD work, mechanical construction, electronics, camera work, welding engine parts, airframe design, software development, and finding sponsors. Currently the team is working on a bi-liquid rocket derived from the NEXØ platform, that is intented to be launched at the EUROC 2023 competition. The past year the recruits team has been working on all aspects of the rocket, from propulsion to recovery and has manufactured eight new BPM series engines for test and flight.