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Rocket fuels 101

Rocket fuels come in many forms and compositions, each with their unique benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, we'll delve into the complex world of rocket fuels, understand their intricate co...

Green Space exploration

Can space be explored in an environmentally friendly way?

Why do we need spacesuits? 

Why do we need spacesuits? To deal with many scenarios of space, we have developed different types of space suits.

Space Risk and Rescue

What does safety look like for space tourism? When you think of safe activities, space tourism probably does not come up in those conversations.

Rockets in space

Why we use rockets for space flights? The ingredients needed for a rocket. Classification of rockets and future of rocketry.

The Boundaries of Space

Have you ever wondered what the boundaries are in space? Exactly what distances can humanity possibly reach and, more importantly, how long would it take to get there?

Satellites – our celestial companions.

The artificial companions of our planet provide essential services for all humanity. Communication and weather satellites are the most familiar, as well as space telescopes that help us study the u...

Space junk – cost of space exploration

Is there a cost to space exploration? Much like how trash and refuse that ends up in landfills, or how vehicles no longer serving a functional purpose clutter junkyards, it may be surprising to lea...

Asking for the Moon

We choose to go to the moon. Moon exploration today and in the future.

Karman Line – Where does ‘space’ begin?

Where exactly does earth end and space begin? What constitutes a space flight versus a regular commercial flight?

What is zero gravity?

Did you know that your body experiences the same sensation for a split second, whether you’re flying aboard ISS like astronauts or simply jumping into a swimming pool?  Zero-G and the experience of...

How To Become An Astronaut?

Are you wishing to fulfill a childhood dream of going beyond the earth?  Let’s first discuss what an astronaut actually is and some ways you can become one.