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What does the Space Agency actually do?

Our mission and goal is to provide better access to space for everyone, from enthusiasts to businesses, by bringing all space in one place. We promote services and products related to space travel and research available for both private customers and businesses alike.

What can I afford in Space today?

Almost anything, depending on your resources, time, and budget. You can take part simply by following current news (free), help private start-ups and developing companies of multitudes of size by investing in them, as well as travel and experience zero gravity and reach suborbital heights. Technology is rapidly evolving, and new frontiers are conquered all the time.

Do your services cost me anything?

No! The space companies pay us a commission after the customer's first purchase. There is absolutely no cost to you of any kind for our services.

Do I have to make a purchase to get information?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to popularize space and help everyone understand their options, possibilities, and what they can achieve in the space industry. Shopping around, and getting more information is totally free. Only when you are ready to book a service will there be any costs.

I don’t know anything about space travel or exploration, but I want to get involved. Can you help me?

Of course, that is one of our core beliefs and missions, that everyone can and should partake in space. You’d be surprised at the multitude of ways that you can get involved. There are so many options, depending on your interests and resources, and lots of ways for you to get involved and help develop this rapidly expanding industry. Let us know what interested you and we’ll provide different ways you can get involved.

I know what I want to do and what services or products interest me, what’s next?

We forward your information to the space company that is best suited for your needs and wants, based on their products and services. You will directly deal with that company.

Are there any documents or binding contracts I have to sign with the Space Agency in order to get help?

Absolutely not. All contracts and binding agreements will be made directly with the  individual space companies.