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Copenhagen Suborbitals Newsletter – 13 July 2021

First of all, sorry for the lack of news via email. Our newsletters have been sparse, and we have even made silly mistakes, where a good part of our subscribers stopped receiving emails for months.

We have received your complaints and we are working on getting better at sharing all the exciting projects that are happening in our workshop.

Today, we want to share the last couple of videos and a few tidbits of the current work:

Latest videos from our Youtube Channel

New CNC mill

Our new CNC mill (donated by some of our longtime supporters!) is almost operational, after sorting through a few hundred cables:

Spica combustion chamber design

Our booster department announced that the combustion chamber contour for our first BPM-100 rocket engine is locked! For a comparative scale of our next engine, here it is next to our BPM-5 and another, perhaps lesser-known rocket engine.

Merlin model courtesy of Caspar Stanley

Other news

  • The LN2 vaporizer is progressing. John has been working on a small welding robot for the LN2 vaporizer
  • Electronics container has received a good cleaning and additional storage shelves are in the process of being put up.
  • Design of BPM-100 test container design is done and work on welding structural steel into container can begin shortly.
  • Spica tanks are now white, having received a layer of primer and two coats of white paint.