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Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace is an American space technology startup company based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, that manufactures and develops expandable space station modules. Bigelow Aerospace was founded by Robert Bigelow in 1998 and is funded in large part by the profit Bigelow gained through his ownership of the hotel chain Budget Suites of America. By 2013, Bigelow had invested US$250 million in the company. Bigelow has stated on multiple occasions that he is prepared to fund Bigelow Aerospace with about US$500 million through 2015 in order to achieve launch of full-scale hardware.
Bigelow Aerospace has stated they intend to create a modular set of space habitats for creating or expanding space stations.

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Robert Bigelow Robert Bigelow
Blair Bigelow

Bigelow Aerospace services

Creation of orbital space station-hotels from inflatable modules